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CCTV in Miami

If you are in need of CCTV in Miami for your home or business, call Bryant Security for experienced CCTV and other access control systems installation. We offer the latest technologies and all our CCTV products meet the highest standards. Our systems take high-quality digital video that can be transmitted over the Internet and various other channels.

Surveillance Systems in Miami

If you are in need of surveillance systems in Miami, call us today to set up an appointment for a security analysis, where we can assess your needs to determine what would be most beneficial for you. From access control systems to closed-circuit computerized security cameras, we have the vital equipment you need to keep your business safe.

Undercover Business Investigation

We offer discreet, professional investigative services for the following situations: internal loss, employee absenteeism, theft, employee misconduct, inventory shrinkage, fraud, mismanagement, and employee drug and alcohol abuse. When we present you with the results of our investigation, we will recommend corrective measures to solve the problem. We also do employee background checks and investigations.

Insurance Investigation

Insurance fraud is rising, and experience proves that it pays to investigate many insurance claims and workers’ compensation claims. At Bryant Security, we offer experienced undercover investigative services for property claims, accidents, casualty, disability, and death. All reports and investigations are performed under strict standards and in full compliance with the law. In addition to providing insurance investigation and security guards, we also offer private infidelity investigation (domestic surveillance).

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